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Welcome to the online home of the Sound Foundry. We offer quality, homegrown music tailored for a variety of visual media platforms. Our services include music score composition for commercials, film and television, as well as a variety of other music support services, such as transcription, orchestration, part preparation and recording. Hear our work below and get in touch with any questions.

Television Commercials

Zando: Slippers

Find your own wavesㅣSportageㅣKia

Nederberg 5600

Mr Price as "Lex Benz"

Game Scores

Flash Point: Fire Rescue

PolyGod Alpha Trailer

Afghanistan '11 Trailer

Film Score Composition


Jack Parow & Freshlyground - Army of One

The score and dialogue for the opening sequencing of this spy-inspired music video were composed, recorded and produced by Andrew Hoole & Greg Abrahams at Sound Foundry Studios


Harold is a quirky, charming and authentically South African story, created by a team of film students at the University of Cape Town.


iBalaclava tells the tale of two brothers living in the Cape Town township of Dunoon whose differing views will ultimately lead them down the same path of desperation, loss and redemption.


Created in 48 hours for the Cape Town 2014 48 Hour Film Project, this short film won 11 awards, including Best Film and Best Musical Score.

Stone Cold Jane Austen

The untold story of one of the greatest bands that ever lived, who inspired a revolution, yet failed to break through to the mainstream. Obviously a comedy ;)

Orchestration and Part Preparation

Adventures in Zambezia

The third animated feature to be produced in South Africa, and the first by animation company Triggerfish, Adventures in Zambezia is the story of Kai, a naive, but high-spirited young falcon who travels to the bird city of "Zambezia" where he discovers the truth about his origins and, in defending the city, learns how to be part of the community.


Triggerfish’s second animated feature film Khumba is about a young zebra who is born with only half his stripes, and tells the story of his journey to earn his stripes as he treks across the plains of the great Karoo desert in Southern Africa. The score was recorded entirely in the Endler Hall at the University of Stellenbosch, performed by the Stellenbosch Symphony Orchestra which was conducted by Peter Martens.

Voice-Over Recording and Mixing

Varsity Cup 2015 Wrap Podcast

Honeymoon Podcasts

About Us

Andrew Hoole and Greg Abrahams are both composition graduates of the South African College of Music at UCT, and have been composing together for the last few years. They have collaborated on several short film scores and music for television commercials, and also have had experience working on orchestrations for local feature films Adventures in Zambezia (2012), Khumba (2013), Verskietende Ster (2015). They are also both active performers in the local and international music industry, with Greg performing and writing for the Brass Dance outfit, Nomadic Orchestra and Original Swimming Party and Andrew co-running and performing in local jazz ensemble, Jazz Between Friends.

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